The voice of anti-racism in Ireland

About Us

ENAR Ireland (European Network Against Racism Ireland) is a national network of anti-racism civil society organisations which aims to work collectively to highlight and address the issue of racism in Ireland through the promotion and monitoring of EU and global anti-racist initiatives. ENAR Ireland is the Irish National Coordination for the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) based in Brussels.

Our approach

ENAR Ireland’s approach and the key strategy is to work collectively as a strong national network and at the European level as the Irish coordination for the European network, ENAR. ENAR Ireland recognises that racism operates at national, European and international levels and that these are all connected. Through our established networks, we focus on work at national and European levels while also availing of opportunities at the international level where they arise. This strategy maximises use of our current resources.

Our mission, values and guiding principles


As the national collective voice for building solidarity among groups challenging racism, ENAR Ireland will fight all forms of racism by providing analysis and tools to empower those who experience racism to take action.


ENAR Ireland’s vision is of an equal, just, inclusive Irish society free from racism.

Organisational values and guiding principles

ENAR Ireland’s work and organisational efforts are informed by core values and practice principles:

  • Autonomy: choice, agency, freedom, self-determination and the absence of coercion.
  • Democracy: participation, voice, empowerment and accountability from those in positions of authority.
  • Dignity: respect, relationships of care and love, human worth and the absence of inhumane and degrading treatment, harassment and discrimination.
  • Inclusion: a sense of belonging and community, interdependence, collective responsibility and a valuing of diversity.
  • Social justice: redistribution of wealth, income, jobs and social goods and the absence of privilege and entitlement.

ENAR Ireland Strategic Plan 2018-2021
Click here to read ENAR Ireland Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Our 4 Strategic Objectives


  1. Build a strong and vibrant anti-racism infrastructure in Ireland.
  2. Develop evidence-based research to capture trends and patterns and inform our policy and lobbying work.
  3. Be the national voice identifying, monitoring and speaking out against racism.
  4. Build the ENAR Network in Ireland.



ENAR Ireland and are made possible thanks to Pobal, SSNO (Scheme to Support National Organisations) and the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.