Beyond hate crime: Perspectives on racism in Ireland

Beyond hate crime: Perspectives on racism in Ireland

The articles collected in this journal aim to close the gap in understanding race and racism in the Irish context, beyond the limited understanding of racism as hate crimes. Articles go from the theoretical (Alana Lentin’s article on expanding the meaning of race beyond social construction), to the conceptual (Robbie McVeigh’s article on the origins of the term “hate crimes” in FBI terminology, and Ronit Lentin’s article on the erasure of race in conceptualizing direct provision and its historical antecedents), to specific case studies (Ebun Joseph on whiteness in the Irish labour market, Jane Xavier on the racialized experiences of migrant women, Karl Kitchin’s article on racism in the Irish education system, and Eugenia Siapera and her colleagues’ article on acts of race talk in online Irish websites).

We hope the collection inspires readers to re-think the meaning of race and racism in the Irish context and look forward to your comment.

We will be publishing below articles between 4th March and 8th April as a part of the Anti-Racism Month 2019. Please refer to the date beside the article to find out its release date.



Dr Ronit Lentin

An Introduction to Beyond hate crime: Perspectives on racism in Ireland.






Monday, 4th March

Dr Alana Lentin

Race as a social construct?



Migrant women and racism in Ireland


Friday, 8th March

Jane Xavier

Migrant women & racism in Ireland




Monday, 11th March

Dr Ebun Joseph

The centrality of race and whiteness in the Irish labour market





Thursday 14th March

Dr Nita Mishra

‘Corkaigh’ poem





Tuesday, 19th March

Dr Karl Kitching

Racism in education






Monday, 26th March

Dr Eugenia Siapera, Elena Moreo, Paloma Viejo-Otero

Race in the digital sphere





Monday, 1st April

Dr Ronit Lentin

Disavowing race and Ireland’s asylum system




Tuesday, 9th April

Dr Robbie McVeigh

You can’t just “Shake it off”–  ‘hate crime’, ‘institutional racism’ and the state